Global Achievement Hunting Community



What is Achievement Hunting? What is it about? What's the purpose of 100Pals?
Get to know our favorite hobby and ever-growing community.


View the in-depth breakdown of achievement hunting rules here. One of hunting's appeals is its freedom, but every community needs rules to keep things fair for everyone.


If you have broken the rules or cheated your achievements, then you can appeal to get your account back into good standing. Appeals are handled publicly and transparently on our forum and reported to the achievement trackers.


Feel like playing with some Pals? Here's the current list of 100Pals multiplayer / co-op servers we’ve got running. We aim to have a wide variety of servers for multiple games.


An extensive list of our partnered achievement tracking websites, curators, game-specific crews, and our social media presence.


Confused by achievement hunting slang? Our glossary is dedicated to defining common terms used by achievement hunters on the 100Pals Discord.


Get to know some of our 100Pals staff members who volunteer their time to make achievement hunting a welcoming and well-functioning corner of the internet.